Ltd Large Diy Ice Dye Kit

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The large LEALLO x Mind Offline Kit is twice as big as the small and comes with a custom, limited edition Ditch Plains tie dyed drawstring backpack. 

Ice dying is the new tie dying. 

We've teamed up with Mind Offline to get you off your phones and out of the house. 

Spring is in full swing and we're revving to get outside! 

In honor of Earth Day and staying true to our sustainability minded mission, Mind Offline created limited edition DIY ice dying kits for custom dying LEALLO pieces. 

The large kit contains four viles of natural dye in our limited edition LEALLO x Mind Offline color way: Ditch Plains. 

Purchase the Ice Dye Kit on it's own and use it on your pre-washed white pieces at home or pair with a white LEALLO set to create your own limited edition loungewear. 

We can't wait to see you creations. 

Tag #LEALLOxMindOffline to be featured. 

And! If you don't feel like DIY and you're more like ugh, can I just BUY the Ice Dye, you can buy our Mind Offline x LEALLO collection that's already been done for you. Hand dyed using all the same tools in this kit outside in Sag Harbor with no technology in site. 

Get outside, blast some music, and get creative!