We’ve got a fresh new take on morning routines, and it’s not about jamming twelve new things into your already busy schedule. We’ve heard it all too… ‘cardio, meditate, organic celery juice, practice gratitude, do hot yoga, dry brush, poach some local eggs, journal, start a 7-step skincare routine’ yadda yadda. That’s all lovely in theory but the Hamptons are for slowing down, and do we really want to set unrealistic standards for ourselves in general, making every morning that falls short feel like a failure? We’re not sure about you, but that’s not how we want to start off the day. 

Instead, what if we just took things we needed to do anyway, and elevated them? What if the improvements we made to our mornings were more about making our current routine easier and more enjoyable, instead of harder and ‘better for us’? Revolutionary!  

So, in the spirit of Hamptons-style living, we created a simple 3-step morning routine, focusing on things that we need to do anyway, just elevating them a little, and giving them lots of flexibility so you can make them work for you.  



Waking up is sort of essential, so let’s start here. Of course, if you can—wake with the sun, but if you can’t—just set a gentle alarm and aim for waking at the same time each day. Then here’s the good part, you know those stereotypical images of a woman in bed with sunlight streaming in, stretching her arms up to the sky and smiling? We know it looks a little cheesy but give that whole scene a try—before you even get out of bed, stretch your arms and legs, wiggle your fingers and toes, roll your neck, take a deep breath, and think of something you’re happy about. This little 30 second micro-routine helps to get your feet on the floor with a positive mindset, then just grab a glass of water to replace what you sweat out overnight. Don’t worry about the origin of your water, just drink what you like. First level unlocked! You got this! 


Dune Sweatpant in Dove paired with the Gibson in White


The Dune Crop Pant and Dune Crewneck both in Cream/Crema



Ok, we’re up, but still in pj’s, and those can feel too skimpy to wear in front of family or on coffee runs—but getting dressed for the day means thinking about everything you need to do that day and that can sometimes be hard. That’s why we’re all about 'Morningwear', the simple, comfortable outfit you mindlessly toss on right after waking up. It’s not your pj’s, and it’s not your destination outfit, it’s what you wear while your brain is still warming up and your body still needs coffee. Try making things even easier with monochromatic sets—you won’t even need to worry about your top matching the bottom! Pro tip: Buy Morningwear that travels well, it’s the perfect thing for vacations. 

The pieces shown above will get you started!




Now that you’re dressed in Morningwear, the world is your oyster, and this is the best part of the routine. Head out early to beat the crowds, and hit your favorite local coffee shop (Jacks, Golden Pear, Hampton Coffee etc.) for coffee (or tea) then bring it down to the beach for a ‘Coffeewalk’. It’s the ultimate morning multitasker, it can be done alone or with friends, it gets the circulation going, we caffeinate, if we go barefoot we practice grounding (releasing pesky electrical charges), we work those calf muscles in the sand, and soak in some therapeutic salt breeze for overall health. You'll get a good 20-30 minutes of conversation or free-thinking time. You can make it a morning meditation walk, or listen to a podcast/audiobook on headphones, or make it your time to practice gratitude just listening to the sound of the waves. Do whatever feels important to you, this is your time. Bonus, this step feels really, really good, and the benefits last all day.


Once you’re at this point, you’ll have the energy and focus you need to take on the world (or the sense of accomplishment you need to just lie by the pool all day guilt-free.) We didn’t mention breakfast because eating is immensely personal, and we highly advise doing whatever feels right to you—whether it’s whipping up some eggs right after step one, a croissant in the car at the beach, or a big brunch after step three. It will definitely be easier to get prepared for your busy day at this point too, dress up, get a blowout, start that 7-step skincare routine if you want, but bonus points if you can manage to stay in your Morningwear all day long. #goals 


We can't wait to hear what you think! Comment below :)

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  • Chloe: June 08, 2023
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    Kind of obsessed with this morningwear concept!

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