Summer is literally just not summer without a few memorable ice cream shop experiences. The best thing about ice cream in the Hamptons is the sheer volume and variety of scoop shops we have—from classic ice cream, to self serve froyo, to superfood toppings like chia and hemp, we've got something for everyone. Here are our top picks for ice cream in the Hamptons in 2023.


Johns Drive In
The Old-School One

We love going to John’s after a long day in Montauk (we’ll even drive out to Montauk just to go to John’s!) It’s the perfect summer vibe, with casual booth tables inside and picnic tables outside. The ice cream has been made on-premises since 1967 and you can tell, they really know what they're doing. If you’re hungry, grab a Big John’s Burger or the crispy Fish and Chips made with local flounder—as you’re leaving, you’ll be talking about when you can go back again.

John's Drive-In
677 Montauk Highway



Big Olaf
The One With a View

The irresistible smell of homemade waffle cones draws you into this perfect little scoop shop in the ideal location right on the wharf in Sag Harbor. We’re not sure if it’s the generously sized cones, the cool local vibe, or the part where we get to sit and watch the boats while we eat, but this place is a real destination. They’ve even got gluten-free-vegan almond milk ice cream in vanilla/chocolate swirl! Just remember before you go, it’s cash only.

The Big Olaf
8 Wharf Street
Sag Harbor



The Healthy One

It might be healthier, but it’s still lots of fun. This self-serve frozen yogurt shop is known for its huge array of creative froyo flavors, vegan options and healthy toppings—fresh fruit, chia, hemp, goji berries, chocolate covered coconut and lots more. There are probably 100 different toppings all together. They also have rotating vegan options like dark chocolate and Valencia orange in addition to the classic vanilla/chocolate swirl. Plus, acai bowls, crepes, waffles, smoothies, and soups too!

125 Main Street
Sag Harbor



Sundaes on Main
The Happy One

This is the scoop shop to hit when you really need a hard dose of serotonin, you just can’t be sad in a colorful Willy Wonka paradise. This self-serve froyo shop (opened by local couple Tom and Jeanie Strong last summer) is overflowing with bright, colorful candy and fun flavors like Bridgehampton Batter and Tuckahoe Tart. You’ll find fun and quirky sundaes, dole whips, and real homemade whipped cream. They’ve got a creative edge with raffles, contests, and even tik tok trends happening all the time. We couldn’t say it any better than their motto “life is short, make it sweet.”

Sundaes on Main
2414 Main Street



The Sweet Spot
The Local One

This brand-new, immaculate self-serve froyo shop (owned by local couple Tom and Maureen Cooper) has an extensive topping bar, non-dairy options, milkshakes, nitro cold brew and donut holes. They smartly picked a spot located more toward the train station, across from Hampton Chutney, where parking is a lot easier than the middle of town, making it an easy park-and-go destination for whenever a sweet tooth hits.

The Sweet Spot
106 Newtown Lane
East Hampton



Gemelli Gelato
The Destination

If you find yourself on the west side of the canal, take a moment out of your day to experience this treasure. Gemelli is a traditional gelato shop on a rolling grassy hill. We're obsessed with the perfect tiny spoons and fun Italian flavors like Stracciatella, Baci and Rainbow Cookie, plus their trove of toppings, and the big lawn with cornhole, picnic tables and Adirondack chairs. It’s a perfect spot for kids to run around and play while the grownups savor their Italian treats. Cash only.

Gemelli Gelato
139 West Montauk Highway
Hampton Bays





  • Leallo: July 28, 2023
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    Yes Emily! That’s another great one! Thanks for the feedback! We’re really craving ice cream now :)

  • Emily: July 28, 2023
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    You forgot the Candy Kitchen! The original .

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