At Leallo, we believe that feeling comfortable and confident, not only in our clothing, but also in our skin, is essential to living our best lives. We don’t believe in a single aspirational way of looking, being, or existing within the world—we’d rather focus on experiencing the joy that comes from embracing our true authentic selves. We value self-care, but also know that actively 'doing for ourselves’ is easier said than done in a world where we have so many competing priorities, and it’s easy to let yourself fall to the bottom of that list.

As we start the new year, we at Leallo, know that sometimes it takes a village to help achieve our goals, so we are excited to kick of our Wellness Series, which will focus on aligning our mind, body and soul so we can work toward living our best lives. We’ll touch on the 8 different dimensions of wellness and how creating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle goes far beyond the physical realm. We'll also be bringing inspirational stories and educational content in collaboration with members from our community and look forward to creating in-person events that put these ideas into practice.

We're excited to kick off this series with an exercise that helps lay the groundwork for realizing your best life, by clarifying your goals and dreams with the use of Vision Boards. 


vision board

One of the things Meg has been manifesting lately is community building. She added the idea to her vision board, which then manifested into a community-based vision-boarding event at a local restaurant (stay tuned for more details if you’re interested in joining!)


  1. COLLECTING “This is the fun part” says Meg “collecting images of things that inspire you, places you want to go, feelings you want to have, just all the good stuff you want in your life.” Start by cutting up magazines, printing out found images, or just collecting digital images in a folder. Whatever suits your style is the best method for you.

  2. ASSEMBLING The next step is putting everything together on poster board, cardboard, or whatever you have lying around—or if you’re doing your board digitally, programs like Canva make it so easy to put everything together in a template that resonates with your style.

  3. REFLECTING: Once you’ve assembled your board, take a step back and think about what you see. You might realize that your focus has been too heavy in one direction, so this is the time to reflect, is your board really showing not only what you want, but who you really are? Then go back and refine until it feels true to your soul.



  1. Let the process be your guide. Take your time, be intentional about the objects, scenes, places, and words you choose as you assemble them. Your vision board might end up looking different than you expected, and that’s a wonderful thing. We’re all evolving and growing, and this type of manifestation is one of the tools that helps us get there. We owe it to ourselves to think deeply about what we truly desire in life.

  2. Use your imagination. As you look at each chosen image, really think about it. Imagine the smells, tactile sensations, emotions, and physical reality of being, having, and living this exact reality you’re manifesting.

  3. Keep it visible. Find a place to prop your board where you’ll see it all the time. Maybe your laundry room, studio, office, or any place you visit frequently. Each time you see it, just take a moment, visualize the details, use your imagination, think positive thoughts, and put those thoughts out there into the universe. Now you can check ‘manifestation’ off your to-do list for the day ;) 



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